MargaritaJalapeños Food and Drink Menu …

contains all the food and drink menu favorites and traditional offerings. Of course we have lunch and dinner special options as well as a Little Amigos,  desserts, vegetarian options, sodas, adult beverages, salsas, queso, dips and side items available.  Bring your appetite!  You won’t leave hungry.  Our generous Jalapeños Sampler appetizer will please your entire group. There’s something for everyone.

Our Smithfield Jalapeños location has a different Specials Menu addition, whereas the Chesapeake Jalapeños restaurant offers both table-side guacamole and a Sunday buffet.

Download a PDF copy of our menu. Jalapeños Food and Drinks

Lunch at Both Locations

Lunch Specials, Soft Drinks, Adult Beverages, Desserts

Lunch Specials include Chicken Taco Salad on Our Food and Drink Menu

Especialidades for Each Location

Enchiladas, Quesadillas, Fajitas, Little Amigos, Vegetarian

Especialidades include Falutas de Pollo on Our Food and Drink Specials Menu

Menus for Each Location
Appetizers, Nachos, Side Items, Dips

Buffet & Table-side Guacamole Chesapeake Only
Appetizers such as Table-side Guacamole Found on Our Food and Drink Menu

Speedy Gonzales
Lunch Specials 1 – 5
Lunch Portions
Sunday Lunch Buffet – Chesapeake Only

Soft Drinks, Other Drinks
Domestic, Draft and Mexican Beers

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Download a PDF copy of our menu Jalapeños Food and Drinks

Quesadilla Especiales
Create Your Own Combo
Little Amigos Selections
Vegetarian & Ensaladas

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Table-side guacamole is served at the Chesapeake location only.

Sunday Buffet

The Sunday Mexican buffet at our Chesapeake location is back!

Join us from 11am to 3pm.

Sunday Buffet at Jalapeños in Chesapeake
Sunday Buffet at Jalapeños at the Chesapeake location

There are many items to choose from. You won’t go home hungry.

We love this place and go there often. I have shared this place with all my family and friends and now this is their new favorite Mexican place in the area. The staff are great and friendly they welcome you like your family. The food is amazing and the margaritas are delicious.

Jennifer P

Jalapenos Mexican Restaurante